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GIFMaker.me Frequently Asked Questions

1. My images are not uploaded successfully.

Please resize your images to smaller dimensions and upload them again. If your images are uploaded successfully, you'll see the image thumbnails under the "Upload Images" button.

If you encountered the "upload error 500" message on GIFMaker.me, it means that your files are not uploaded successfully, or can't be processed by the server, there are several occasions that this error will occur: the file size is too large, the image dimensions are too large, the file is invalid( you may need to save your images with an image editor like Photoshop ), or the server is busy.

2. The GIF image does not animate or does not loop.

Please download your gif to your computer, then drag and drop it into your Web browser( FireFox, Chrome, Safari, IE ) to play it. Alternatively, you can download xnview to play your gifs, this image viewer supports the animated gif format well.

Please notice that some image hosting sites will modify the images you uploaded( you can compare the file size of the original gif created by GIFMaker.me, and the one you've uploaded to the cloud ), making it possible that the gif does not animate / loop anymore.

Some platforms like iPhone will display the animated GIFs you downloaded as static images, you can either view these GIFs with a third-party app, or insert them in a webpage or email to animate them.

Some websites do not support the animated GIFs, you can't add a gif on its webpage.

To publish GIFs to your own server, please upload the original or optimized GIF files to the server directly, don't instert them into the HTML editor and publish the webpage along with GIFs using the HTML editor, since some HTML editors with modify the GIF files.

3. How to download the high quality version gifs?

The high quality version is not in GIF format, they're multiple static images. You can only include 256 colors in each frame of a GIF image, which is defined by the GIF format itself.

To make a gif in better image quality, you can:

3.1, Save your images in .jpg format and upload them;

3.2, Reduce the color number in each image with your image editor;

3.3, Create your gif in a larger size( e.g. 512 x 512 px ), and display it in a smaller size( e.g. 256 x 256 px ).

4. I want to crop, resize and compress my GIFs.

You can access Resizeimage.net to crop, resize and optimize GIF, JPEG and PNG images, it's handy if you want to resize your gifs to a smaller size and use it as your avatar icons on other sites, or crop your images to a specific size( e.g. 1366x768 px ) and use them as your desktop wallpapers, Facebook cover photos, PInterest profile pictures, iPhone wallpapers, etc.

5. The gif creation speed is very slow.

It's recommended that you resize your images to smaller size before uploading, this will boost the speed significantly.

6. How to delete my images from GIFMaker.me?

You can click the "Delete your images" link to remove images from the site. Alternatively, you can send me an email to let me delete it for you.

If you didn't click "View the GIF/Frame/Video Animation" on the homepage of GIFMaker.me, then all of your images will be removed after a few hours by the scheduled task, you don't need to remove your images manually.

Any files uploaded on other pages( gif resizer, video maker, etc. ) will be removed automatically.

7. Do you publish my images to other sites?

We don't publish your images to any sites, the copyright of your images belongs to you.

8. Do you host my images forever?

We don't host your images, however, some users like to share the links to their friends on Facebook or other sites, we'll keep these images for some days. There're multiple scheduled jobs that delete images from the hard drive automatically. We don't guarantee that your images will be stored forever.

If you want to keep an animation you created live forever on GIFMaker.me, please send me an email.

9. Can you recover a gif I deleted?

There are tens thousands of images uploaded to GIFMaker.me every day, most of them will be deleted automatically, then the new images will overwrite them, therefore it's impossible to recover a deleted image, however, if the gif was created by yourself, you can create a new one in a few seconds.

10. Can you recommend some useful sites to me?

Besides GIFMaker.me, I created a few other websites you may like:

10.1, ResizeImage.net - Crop, resize your images to the exact pixels or proportion you specified, then use them as your desktop wallpapers, Facebook cover photos, Twitter profile photos, etc;

10.2, www.PDFtoJPG.me - Convert PDF files to JPEG images online for FREE;

10.3, www.Password.to - create random passwords that are difficult to crack, and learn how to protect your passwords;

10.4, ICOConvert.com - create icons in circle or heart shape from images and vice versa;

11. Why do your domain name has a .ME extension?

Domain names with .ME( or .TO ) extension are easy to remember and type, many of them are awesome, such as

amzn.to - amazon














12. I can not insert a GIF into Outlook or GMail.

Since hotlinking is disabled, you'll need to download the gif to your computer, and upload it from your computer to Outlook or GMail.

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Your images will be removed automatically after a few hours.